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Heat Acclimatization for Safety and Performance

Michael F. Bergeron, PhD, FACSM

National Institute for Athletic Health and Performance

Professor, Department of Pediatrics,

Sanford School of Medicine

The Latest Nutrition Concepts for Peak Performance

Anne-Marie Davee, MS, RD, LD Dietician

Bowdoin College

Mind over Matter: How the Brain Affects Performance

Bernie Hershberger, PhD

Director of Counselling Services, Bowdoin College

Team Physician and Athletic Trainer Relationship

Michael Pleacher, MD

Team Physician, OA Centers for Orthopedics and Bowdoin College

Functional Movement Patterns: Integrating the FMS into Rehabilitation and Sport Performance

Matt Somma, PT, DPT, CSCS

OA Centers for Orthopedics and Bowdoin College

Environmental Policies for Safe Athletic Participation

Dennis Russell, M.Ed, ATC, EMT=P

Bowdoin College


Optimizing Athletic Performance

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