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Anatomy and Physical Examination of Orthopedic Injuries

Dr. Mike Pleacher, MD

OA Centers for Orthopedics

Concussion Evaluation / Management / RTP Guidelines

Dr. William Heinz, MD

OA Centers for Orthopedics

Emergency Planning / EMS Protocols

Dennis Russell, M.Ed, NRP, CP, ATC

Panel Discussion on Football Injuries

Ryan Taylor, ATC / Arlene Verre, ATC / Dan Davies, M.Ed, ATC, CSCS

Cervical Spine Management and Mobilization

Todd Lamoreau, MSP, SCS, ATC

Shoulder Therapeutic Exercise Progression

Brandon Szczesniak, PT, CSCS

OA Centers for Orthopedics

Lifting Alternatives: Mobility and Stability

Peter Clark, ATC, CSCS, PES


Football Sports Medicine: A Team Approach

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