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Multicultural Awareness: How to build teams and environments where everyone belongs

Self-knowledge and self-awareness as the foundation of Multicultural Competency.

Seeing and identifying racialized identity in our work environments.

Antiracism is for everybody. Identifying our “whys”

Intersectionality matters. How race interacts with class, gender, religion, etc.

Engaging imagination and collective transformation. How can we create better, more fertile environments for wholistic health and healing.

What’s next? Creating their own Principles to transform their teams and practices.

Affirming: All Genders All Sexualities Workshop

Learning and being able to differentiate the definitions of Biological Sex, Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sexual Orientation

A space to ask questions related to gender and sexuality

A frame to think about support for LGBTQIA youth

Understanding what LGBTQIA youth may need for affirmation

Space to create a first step in creating an affirming environment in your work

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